Vidya Bharti Haryana orgenised a State Leval Computer Teachers Workshop

 A State Level Computers Teachers Workshop was organised from March 30-April 02, 2018 at Gita Niketan Awasiya Vidyalaya, Kurukshetra. The objectives were to update among the teachers the teaching skills in computer Science and to manage daily routine work of school administration efficiently. A total of 18 teachers from 15 schools of Haryana participated in the workshop. Besides, 8 resources persons from different sections of the IT sector extended their contributions in making the workshop a grand success.

On the first day, Hon’ble Sh. Ravi Ji (Sah Sangthan Mantri) discussed how we can enhance the speed of computer if system gets slowed down. Similarly he told he participants as to how they can kee

p the system safe by using disk cleanup & defragmentation technique.

Sh. Sunil Kumar, faculty of Gita Niketan Awasiya Vidyalaya, Kurukshetra presented his innovative idea of how to design a report card for annual examination by using the mail & merge feature of M.S Office which was appreciated by every teacher. Sh. Ravi Ji introduced various modules of the ERP-Entireprise Resource Planning i.e school administration software which may include Fee, exam, time table, Library and Attendance module & concerned things like web portal, SMS.

On the next day Professor Jitender Chhabra from NIT Kurukshetra imparted his wisdom related to programming language particularly C, C++ & phythan which is the need of an hour. Once when one language is clearly understood by a student then he or she can grasp the other language easily. Now a days we find there are great opportunities of career in animation so Mr. Vipin Chauhan, faculty from Gita Niketan Kurukshetra described the function of various tools of flash. He not only explained the various tools but also got animated movie designed by the participating teachers. All the teachers enjoyed the session as it was very creative.

Smart class has now become the model tool in the field of education for the best learning outcomes. Keeping this in mind, I described the importance of a smart class and how we can design it by integrating the downloaded video and images from various media such as You Tube. This teacher-made-content can be an easy and economical way to set a smart class in the school. Similarly,I also mentioned how to search the useful contents from other sites such as slide share and Wikipedia also.

Being a computer teacher, it is essential to know the basics of Networking. Hence, 3 sessions were conducted on how to attach the RJ connector to wire with climping tool, how to clean the system and how to install windo

ws. Mr. Satish Kumar from PSIT Zone has shared demonstrated the complete activities. All the teacher filled with joy when they cut the wire for the first time.

Sh. Dhamm Pal Ji, Additional Managing Director, Hartron Deptt also shared his views about how to teach computers to the students effectively. He also discussed the relevance of computer subject with others. ‘Hit and trial method is the best innovative technique to search something new should be followed in the class’, he added.

Finally, I also concluded the session by explaining the various types of UPS, book work method and how to help each other when have some problems with the help of team viewers .The Closing ceremony was addressed by Sh. Ravi Ji where he motivated all the teachers about implementing the teaching skills in their respective schools.

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